The end of an era (No spoilers)

I’m probably being overly dramatic, but I finally saw Rise of Skywalker. 🥺 I’ve heard a lot of people were disappointed, that it didn’t answer all the questions or it created more questions. But you know, I kinda don’t care! I think it was a great end to the “main” Star Wars movies. It scored … Continued

Dream: Roll out the baddies

This morning, I had another dream. I only remember a few parts, that involved a huge palace, kinda like Theed Palace, near my grandpa’s house. In the ballroom, stormtroopers, clonetroopers and…Blue Guards? Senate Guards? (they call the Imperial Guards the Red Guards, so why not Blue Guards? :P) were all running to this event/ritual that … Continued

Dream: Life’s A Musical

A really old dream I just discovered in my old blog entries. It was sometime later in the evening when the Jedi were done training with their Padawans for the day. They came into a dark, unused room of the Temple. laughing about something. I joined them, not exactly sure what to say. Suddenly, they … Continued