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(used for subscribing through feed aggregators)

Not a Technical Person?

One-Click Easy Subscribing!

Use an Online Service


*Will need an account for these

Use the Desktop App of Your Choice


Don’t have a desktop app?

For Mac OS, I recommend Reeder ($10 USD on the Mac App Store, but does not require a subscription) or NetNewsWire (free).

I haven’t been using Windows lately for much Internet browsing in the past 10 or so years, so I’m really out of touch on what Windows users use. But some people on r/rss are recommending QuiteRSS, which seems to be free.

If you have one you highly recommend, lemme know? Send me the site, pricing (if any) and if it requires a subscription to use. Thanks!

Subscribe with Thunderbird

If for some reason the Subscribe with Desktop App button doesn’t work, you may have to add GPORG’s feed manually. Read Mozilla’s instructions on adding an RSS or Atom feed to Thunderbird.


What is RSS?

This article explains what RSS is, how it works and how to use it! Back in the day (about 5-10 years ago), this was the only way to keep updated on blogs (otherwise visiting the site yourself) before things started to shift to social media.

What is Atom?

Atom is an alternative to RSS. It has several technical features not supported by RSS, and is simpler for developers to implement (I mean…I found it easier). Most feed aggregators that support RSS also support Atom.

No Subscribe with Facebook?

Normally I would create a page for Giantpaper, but I’m shifting away from reliance on social media* to self-hosted solutions, so no Facebook page. Sorry!

*Facebook and its children like Instagram mostly.

(If Facebook actually cared about its users, I would. But…here we are.)

If someone actually manages to figure out how to follow RSS feeds through Facebook, go for it.

This page was inspired by the (now possibly dead Feedburner). Instead of linking directly to your syndication feed, you would sync the feed with Feedburner, which would give non-techy people easy to follow instructions on how to subscribe to the feed reader of their choice. I haven’t found a decent alternative yet in 2021, so I’m using this page for now.