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What’s RSS/Atom?

RSS is a web feed that lets users easily follow updates from another application (ex. a mobile app like Reeder or a web app like Feedly).

Atom is an alternative to RSS, with some technical differences.

Following sites via syndication feed was a huge thing in the early 2000s, but has declined in favor of social media. RSS still gets used for following podcasts, and it comes built into every WordPress site.

Why not use Facebook/Twitter?

I’m trying to reduce my dependency on social media. Also both Facebook & Twitter have major issues (Facebook’s being privacy-related and Twitter/the site formerly known as Twitter is everything related to Musk taking over).

Eventually, I would like to try to federate GPORG, so it can be followed on Mastodon, Lemmy, Kbin, etc.

How to Follow a Specific Tag/Category

You can find each categories’ & tags’ links to their respective feeds underneath their title:

Plug the URL into your feed reader of choice!

This page was inspired by Feedburner. Instead of linking directly to your syndication feed, you would sync the feed with Feedburner, which would give non-techy people easy to follow instructions on how to subscribe to the feed reader of their choice. This feature of Feedburner is gone, and I haven’t found a decent alternative yet as of 2023, so I’m using this page for now.