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Guys, I have a really funny story about this song.

I heard this a few years ago on Apple Music when going down the epic music rabbit hole. I thought this was done by Audiomachine, so when I went back to look it up, I couldn’t find it. All I remembered was that it began with “K” and was 25 minutes long.

In 2024, I was going down a very different rabbit hole, and saw the name of the homeworld of Clan Kryze (Kalevala) and thought “was it really called that? 🤔”. I clicked it and under Behind the Scenes:

The Kalevala is the national epic of Finland.


And went 👀, wondering if this was the name of the 25 minute long epic song I heard a while back. Quick look up on Youtube and it was. 🎉 I had a brainfart and thought when they said “national epic”, I thought this meant this was the actual song that was composed centuries ago. It made me think, “wait, did it really sound like this back then? Why does Finland get to have such a badass song and we get *insert silly-sounding folk song*?” And looking this up on Wikipedia, I saw that it was written in 1835, so a lot later than I thought, but still I was wondering “what did metal sound like in the 1800s? 🤔”

Then it took me an awkwardly long time to realize that in this case, epic = really long poem. And this song is just one of the many musical inspirations of the poem. So yeah, sadly, they really did not have metal as a music genre back in the early-mid 1800s (which didn’t really become a thing till the 1960s).