Actually had this dream on 10/12/2021, but it’s just been sitting in my drafts folder and I forgot about it till now.

A new Star Wars movie came out. It was the last in a trilogy, I think it was Episode IX? And it almost had the plot of the prequel trilogy, where Padmé and Anakin were gearing up for their wedding. But a time traveler from the future had traveled to Anakin’s past to undo his birth (most likely to prevent Darth Vader from happening). Padmé had no idea why they were doing this, and followed them back in time to undo the damage the other person caused, which involved going to Asgard (yes, THAT Asgard), cuz…yeah.

Picnic dress

After the climax, there was a quiet post-battle scene with just Padmé sitting on the edge of the Bifrost just outside the city, in her wedding dress (which was just the “picnic dress” she wore in Ep. II). Before she was about to head back home, she was asked to do another job, which was to be a caterer at a wedding (not hers, since she’s still in the past and this was before her and Anakin even met).

Back to the Future

When she returned to the present just in time for her wedding, she forgot to change her outfit, so she was still wearing her chef’s outfit (the same chef’s outfit from Animal Crossing). There was no time to change, because the ceremony was just about to start, and it worked out, because Anakin was also wearing the same chef’s outfit for some reason, but with pants. Something funny happened, but I didn’t see it because I was on my phone and was completely turned away from the screen (and I thought, uhhh, well I guess I’ll watch it again when it comes out on DVD).

Post-Credits Scene in Star Wars????

There was a post-credits scene in a present day kitchen on Earth during the evening, where someone—I think Nick Fury got into a fight with an unnamed person. The fight ended when Fury pressed the open button on the microwave, and KO’d the other guy–since his head was in the way. Fury took a mug of warm milk from the microwave and drank it. And I had a hard time watching this scene because I was too tired, and decided to watch it when it comes out on DVD.

Then I had the thought, WAIT if they actually included a post credits scene, does this mean they’re bringing Star Wars to the MCU?? (And not because, you know, Padmé—not Jane actually went to freaking Asgard. Or the fact that said post-credits scene featured a prominent character from the MCU.)

(And also I thought “wait, did I just get out my phone in a movie theater while the movie was playing?” and was disturbed).