Hello Gutenberg

And here, testing out Gutenberg for the first time in case this is something I might want to use in the future when it gets released to the wild! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla ultricies turpis eget iaculis molestie. In eget purus ut arcu eleifend iaculis. Maecenas ante risus, molestie quis

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Dear everyone, please stop asking me to link to your content

It’s not often I get this request, and I don’t know if other people running personal, nerdy blogs get this, but I got at least two emails from other sites and companies if I would link to their content. Giantpaper.org is just a personal blog. I run this site for my own pleasure and to

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Demonstrating GeSHi using GeSHi

How I added GeSHi to GPORG. Here I will demonstrate using GeSHi (for prettification purposes). (See the doc on WordPress’s shortcode API if you haven’t already.) To use in a post… echo $fun; …will get you…


Sage just got an update! Installation is much easier than before! Me likey! 😍

Changelog // v2017.06.10

Bug Fixes Some of the post/page body text and the sidebar on the static pages were creeping under the left/right-aligned images. Improvements The browser’s default tooltips were replaced with swanky-looking custom ones. ^_^ Some Javascript magic had to be involved (in order to remove the default ones, otherwise you would get the default ones along

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I now use a VPN for all my devices

All because of this. Earlier I was using the built-in VPN that came with Opera, but since I sometimes use browsers for other things, I wanted a VPN to cover all web browsing activity (and I am a bit leery of free VPNs). So I bit the bullet and got a year of Private Internet

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