My awesome Lumia

I’m not so great at writing about myself, so here are some bullet points:

  • I use both a Windows desktop (Windows 10!) and a Macbook Pro (Mac OS Sierra!). I don’t really prefer one over the other, and not sure why people keep pushing Macs to artsy people. I grew up with a Windows computer, so I tend to feel more at home with it, but Mac OS has a lot of quirks that I like (Spaces, the dock, the UNIX-based environment). Use what works best for YOU.
  • On that note, I am one of the 1% of the human population who happily uses Windows 10 Mobile (Lumia 735). Despite what people are thinking, the OS isn’t actually dead (something doesn’t become dead until EVERYONE stops using it), maybe irrelevant in the smartphone world, but oh so totally alive (and is still receiving updates regularly). I am digging it, because iPhones are too rich for my blood, and it’s more straightforward and easier for me to understand than Android (and the app gap doesn’t really bother me that much).
  • I was born in Santa Monica and grew up in Ventura County.
  • I’ve been drawing since I was little (a lot of horses, and guinea pigs. But mostly guinea pigs).
  • I’ve had guinea pigs since I was eight. Just a few years ago, I learned that there is a LOT more to having guinea pigs than having a little starter cage from the pet store, a bowl of pellets and lettuce or an entire carrot a day. Oh yes, a LOOOT more.
  • …and then volunteering at the local animal shelter with the bunny group has taught me a lot about bunnies (not a bunny slave though….yet?).
  • I also foster short-term for the guinea pig rescue in Chatsworth.
  • Fostering and volunteering for homeless animals at a shelter that is more often than not overcrowded* has made me a big proponent of adopting over breeding/buying from a pet store. If you’re looking for a particular breed of dog, there are breed-specific rescues. Also a reputable rescue will insure that you’re bringing home a healthy pet.
    *Our shelter is no-kill! Unfortunately, a big reason why it’s so full.
  • When I got into high school, I got into building websites. It first started with Yahoo’s drag-and-drop Pagebuilder editor on Geocities, and when I desired more control and precision over the appearance of my page, I took up HTML and then CSS. The rest is history.
  • I hold in my hot little hand a Bachelor of Arts from CSU Channel Islands.
  • I am relearning Spanish. I took it in college for a semester about 9 years ago, but did not pass the first time, so had to take it again. This time, I’m using Duolingo along with their flash cards app, Tiny Cards. People ask me “why Spanish?” Well, I don’t think I’ll run into a situation where I might need it, though you never know. Mostly because the US is a multicultural nation and I think everyone here should know at least one other language (Spanish, German, Japanese, Mandarin, etc). (I did take a semester of Japanese in high school, and it was a nightmare. D: As a native English speaker, I think Spanish will be easier for me, with both languages being from the same language family.)