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I’m a (sometimes) blogger, (mostly) photographer, webdev and video game and anime nerd. Online, I go by giantpaper or thegiantpaper (if giantpaper is taken).

I’m slave to 5 guinea pigs that are all rescues. I’m pro-rescue, being a volunteer for the local county shelter for 7 years, and occasionally volunteering and fostering for local rescues around Southern California.

Clan Butter

Belle (L): 6 yr old cuy mix
Bianca (R): 6 yr old abyssinian

(Oh yeah, despite appearances, Belle is actually bigger than Bianca. Bianca is just standing taller in the photo.)

Clan Peanut

Cashew (L): 4 yr old black & white Dutch (?)
Rose (M): 2 yr old Peruvian
Cookie (R): 5 yr old Crested


Giantpaper is my playground on the Internet.

It’s where I can express myself through its design and code. I’ve used it to take on challenges for myself (how fast can I make a site load? can I make a site look like [blahblahblah], etc). (In case it wasn’t obvious, this Wordpress theme is 100% custom-built by me.)

The Beginning

This site started years ago, back when I was still learning the Big 3 (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). It’s always been a personal blog since it’s inception, even when the Age of Personal Blogs (run by normal people–not celebrities or professional web designers, SEO experts or internet marketers, about half of them teenagers) started to die down, and everyone migrated to social media.

I’m on Facebook* and Twitter, but nostalgia is making me yearn for the “good ol’ days”. And even though I use Facebook, I have serious trust issues with them and don’t want to rely on them or other social media completely, which is another reason for Giantpaper’s continued existence.

*Friends list is limited to people I actually know. I might not have met them in person, but if we communicated at some point regularly and are on good terms, I will accept a friend request from you.

Around the Internet, I go by giantpaper, thegiantpaper or rarely, hippohumongous. But not all giantpapers, thegiantpapers or hippohumongouses are me(whatever isn’t taken on that particular service).

The Technicalities

It’s hosted by the uber amazing Hawkhost*. It’s registered with Namecheap. Both are great, and I have been with them for more than a decade now.

*NOTE: that IS an affiliate link so yes, I get 💵 if you click and sign-up through it

Is that…Gutenberg?

Yes, it’s Gutenberg. I’m determined to master it, which is why I have it on my site. 💪😤 I will not be beat by it!

I’m here for! and are two completely different sites owned by completely different entities. (One of the reasons I got .org was because the .com version of giantpaper was taken). I think it was owned by a company, who disappeared sometime about a year after I registered my domain, but the people still hung onto their domain. I don’t know owns it now (WHOIS info is blocked), but it ain’t me! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t think it’s going anywhere–it’s just registered to someone.

Btw, I felt like I had to mention this because I noticed I’m getting Google searches for giant, and the front page of is the #1 result. So, it looks like there are people still looking for I guess?