Cage w/ curtain rod supports

Extendable curtain rods make pretty good support for the roof/ceiling of a C&C cage

Was having trouble keeping the top shelf on the cage from sagging from its own weight. I saw these setups here but the shipping of the support bars and “wonder bars” from this site was a bit much for me. I couldn’t support bars like that anywhere else. :S

Then while randomly browsing the Dollar Tree site (my new favorite store), I saw these extendable curtain rods (can extend up to 48in, the half the length of the cage is about 42in. I could have the rods rest on the divider in the middle). Got a couple from the nearby Dollar Tree and it works really well. :O

Cage w/ curtain rod supports

Most of the stuff on the shelf isn’t too heavy. Not sure how much weight they could hold up really. They’re just curtain rods, not actual support bars, and I did find them at a dollar store, so while it’s able to support the wooden wagon and some shampoo bottles, not sure it would with the much heavier jug of mineral oil.

(If the divider weren’t there–which hopefully will be the case once both pigs are neutered, I would probably have to have another couple of curtain rods and have it setup as the cages on the Guinea Pig Cages Store.)

Bunny Bunch State University

Had a dream where I went with Valerie to Bunny Bunch in Montclair. They had merged with a local college, and so now was a rabbit/guinea pig/chinchilla rescue and a college. They also started rescuing horses apparently and were offering classes on horse care. In order to attract interest to the college part, they were… Read more »

Task on Google Calendar

Dear productivity app developers

Task items with due dates on a calendar. Google did it! Btw, for some reason, you can’t set a time for task items, or am I missing something? Btw #2, I have been wanting a calendar app/service like this for sooooooo long. Now to figure out how to get Tasks to sync to iCal…

Winter update

I’m not a serious Facebook user, but I was ummm…following Guinea Gang (the guinea pig division of Bunny Bunch) and I saw this a while ago. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Introducing Winter!

Winter - 2013 - At Bunny Bunch. Wild and unhandable, she's the first cuy I ever encountered in person and also my first foster ever. She's still a bit skittish, but with Bunny Bunch's love, she's much tamer (and got "married" to a neutered boar of theirs named Boris :P).

Chilla Winterfell Pinkerton

So I’m a rabbit volunteer at the animal shelter. Occasionally, we’ll get guinea pigs. Since I am really gung-ho about guinea pigs, I took it upon myself to care for them as well (they kinda get overlooked by the staff…) and regularly communicate with two other shelter volunteers (also guinea pig fans) when we have… Read more »

Dreams are jerks: Part 2

Toward the end of the semester, I would take my finals and graduate the next day. Huzzzah! I was kinda worried about my grades. I was not the best student in any class outside of studio art*, but I was used to dealing with this already. *ahem* But wait! I just remembered…I had math, science… Read more »