The Android Saga

(Not that Android Saga!) Once upon a time… I got a sexay (prepaid) Moto G4 Play on Cyber Monday ($35!!!!!!!!!!!!* Out of $85). Since I have a Windows Phone (that I love and cherish and would need to be pried from my cold dead hands, so instead of the G4 replacing my current phone, I … Continued

Bunny Bunch State University

Had a dream where I went with Valerie to Bunny Bunch in Montclair. They had merged with a local college, and so now was a rabbit/guinea pig/chinchilla rescue and a college. They also started rescuing horses apparently and were offering classes on horse care. In order to attract interest to the college part, they were … Continued

Dreams are jerks: Part 2

Toward the end of the semester, I would take my finals and graduate the next day. Huzzzah! I was kinda worried about my grades. I was not the best student in any class outside of studio art*, but I was used to dealing with this already. *ahem* But wait! I just remembered…I had math, science … Continued

Oh iTunes

I’ve never experienced problems with iTunes on Windows, but I use it on my MPB, because just having iTunes installed adds like 4-5 background processes that all autostart when Windows starts, and if I’m going to have them in the background, might as well use it on a computer that won’t let me uninstall said … Continued