Part 1


  • Peach: cat

Peach and I were watching an episode of Pokemon, set a few years into the future. It was mainly about Ash and Misty, who were playing on the beach with a group of younger kids. I noticed that Misty was definitely older–she sounded older, and she looked older. But then I was becoming annoyed because she sounded too much like Lucy van Pelt and Ash sounded too much like Charlie Brown. XD

Part 2


  • W88: brother
  • SM00: sister

This dream (err, nightmare? O_o) was actually a movie that we were watching on TV. We started watching sometime in the middle, and it played all the way to the end. When it ended, they played it over again. I ended up watching it the second time, but didn’t finish it to the end (not even to the part where we started before), since I woke up. Whenever we watched the movie, we became the characters in that movie.

Oh yeah. I thought about putting the scene where I was exploring around the house in the middle of this entry, since I was watching that first…which was in the middle of the movie. But it didn’t make much sense for it to be in the middle, and it makes a good intro. (And I figured it really was meant to be in the beginning anyway.) Uhh…well, the original order the dream had the events in made it seem screwed up, so I rearranged them, and they now make sense.

From beginning to end:

We moved into a new, big house. It was sort of Gothicy-looking house (and by Gothicy, I mean dark, Goth-like, not in terms of architecture). The walls were painted a dark mauve, with a black 3D border a couple of feet off the ground, and the rest of the wall underneath painted black. Many old oil paintings in elaborate gold-plated frames hung on the walls. In the bathrooms, the tiles were black, and so on.

I started to wander around, exploring the house. Each bedroom came with its own full bathroom, with a door, connecting the two (along with a door leading out into the hall). I found a part of my bathroom that led from the main part of the bathroom to some other room. And by opening the door, I noticed it was the guest room. I went “umm…” and just closed and locked the door, since bathroom = my bathroom. After I closed the door, I frowned a little, not completely sure if it was locked. I opened the door, and it unlocked automatically. I thought, ‘d’oh!’, realizing that this house had the new door handles that lock with a press of a button, and unlock automatically on the inside. I just left it.

Eventually I was starting to get the idea that the house was occupied by other beings that weren’t us. I was in the study, when a transparent face came out of a tube and started yelling and wailing. Another voice came from the walls and responded to it. I was more amused than scared actually.

(time passes on, don’t know what happens here in the movie)

After a few weeks, W88 and I at least were starting to feel that the spirits inhabiting the house weren’t nice spirits. I don’t remember some of the stuff they did, but we wanted them out.

During a party that involved my dad’s relatives, we went outside in the front yard, where there was this ginormus number pad, that looked like a 10-key pad, with blue light-up arrows up in the corner of the number pad. W88 stepped on some of the numbers and arrows. A flash of colorful light flew toward the house, and W88 said, “That should keep them down for a while.” I didn’t know what he was talking about, but just went along with it.

A few days ago, W88 found an old letter among the house’s belongings. I didn’t read it, but I think it said something about how the house was inhabited by evil spirits. The letter also mentioned a number code that you could use to permanently get rid of the spirits, and the code W88 used earlier only temporarily knocked them out. I asked W88 if I could see the letter. He said “sure”, but I have to make sure the spirits don’t see it (in fear that they might gain immunity to the code if they learned it before it hit them). I said ‘no thanks’, and I figured we could live with having them in our house.

There was going to be a big party nearby in some kind of convention center. The night before, when everyone was asleep, red lines where being drawn on the streets and sidewalks…

The next day, we got up and had breakfast. Later in the morning, we went to the convention center. None of the kids (me, W88 and SM00) really felt like going, but after Mom and Dad went inside, we just decided to go.

SM00 was ahead of us. As soon as she set foot inside, she abruptly turned around and went the opposite direction. When I asked what was wrong, SM00 replied, “She marked the inside of the building!” (“she”: we came to the conclusion that while there were multiply spirits haunting our house, there was one extremely powerful one, who was a witch when she was still alive). I could see that there were blood red lines drawn all over the floor inside, forming shapes with geometric perfection.

I freaked out, and stepped out onto the street, only to realize that that too had been marked too with blood lines. Knowing that the witch was planning on doing something with the lines, we ran. I yelled toward the convention center, something along the lines of “Mom! Dad! Get out of there now!” Whatever was going to happen, I knew we could save the victims from, but I didn’t like the thought of it happening to my mom and dad.

Mom, Dad and some of our relatives fled the building. One of the aunts yelled for us to meet at “_____ Pony!” Both SM00 and I didn’t catch that first part, but it was too late, since our other relatives already left. SM00 asked, “What’d she say??!” I told her “Tony’s Pony!”, since it was a restaurant we frequented a lot with my dad’s relatives (in this dream that is. Tony’s Pony doesn’t exist in real life, not that I know of). We regrouped at Tony’s Pony, where we decided that we needed to fight back against the spirits. That’s when I woke up.