This morning, I had another dream. I only remember a few parts, that involved a huge palace, kinda like Theed Palace, near my grandpa’s house. In the ballroom, stormtroopers, clonetroopers and…Blue Guards? Senate Guards? (they call the Imperial Guards the Red Guards, so why not Blue Guards? :P) were all running (all synchronized and choreographed like in a musical) to this event/ritual that was about to take place in some other part of the palace. I think Palpatine was involved. The Imperial March was playing in the background. Yup, that’s about it. :3

On another note, it had sort of a Gothic/vampire feel to it. After the running troopers and Senate guards cleared, a couple, both dressed in royal blue (like the Senate Guards) and black followed after them. I think the guy was actually some kind of vampire, and he was possessing/controlling the girl/woman to be his new lover. I knew I was supposed to rescue her, but couldn’t help thinking that she looked really cool in her new attire (black gown, royal blue velvet cape with high collar, dark/medium brown hair and pale skin).