I had to go back to college again at another school (is this going to be a new series of dreams?*). And once again, instead of commuting to school everyday, I lived in a dorm about five miles nearby. This time, it was at the community college I went to before the CSU…which was right nextdoor to CalPoly, right next to the freeway. So yeah, I got to go to school right next to Jeidai and her brother. :3 (Sometimes we went home together.) On days where they didn’t have school, I carpooled to school with some classmates.

*Current “dream arcs” I’ve had so far: 1) moving into a big, new house/mansion 2) being a fugitive from the government 3) my current school (the CSU) was combined with my old elementary school/middle school.

In addition to being next to the freeway, they were also getting a shiny, brand-new…basketball court! 😛 At the moment, it looked like a Greek temple (with the columns and everything). But it was supposed to become something really big and impressive, because apparently, when I was late getting out of a class, I knew Jeidai and her brother would have to wait, which I didn’t like. But then I thought ‘oh well…they can admire the new basketball court.’ (because if it wasn’t big and impressive, why else would I think they would admire it? D:)

So…one day was really windy. So windy, it was causing some people to lose control of their vehicles if they weren’t careful. On the way to school is a bridge. A really one-lane bridge (one lane on each side) with no rails on the side. And just because things weren’t interesting enough apparently, it was also really windy and curvy. I wasn’t driving, but someone I knew was a careful driver drove instead (I was lucky enough to ride gunshot :D). But RIGHT when they got to the bridge, something happened to make them unable to drive anymore (had a stomach ache? A headache? Ran out of driving energy?). We sat there, wondering what to do, since he was our best driver, the only one we depended on to get us through the bridge. I mean, who would want to drive on THIS?

Scary bridge

So someone else from the backseat took his place. I got a little nervous, because while he’s not exactly a dangerous driver, he can get a little cocky and impulsive. But I thought that maybe he’ll know how dangerous this situation is and know that he should drive slowly?

WRONG. He jumped behind the wheel, floored the gas and sped off, zipping down the bridge. I was tense the entire time, thinking we were going to be thrown off the edge by the wind, like that poor truck.

Well, we made it safely on the other side. But I noticed that there was something really different about my surroundings…

  1. I was no longer in the front seat. I was now in the back.
  2. The car resembled an F1. It had a giant spoiler in the back (where the back seats were), even though it was supposed to be a sudan.
  3. The car had completely separated into two, almost as if it were sawed in half. The back half (which along with me, had another classmate who was just as confused as I was) was kind of gold-colored with white flecks. The front half was silver with a dull finish.
  4. Speaking of the front half, where was it? Just a few yards away from the back half. The driver was nowhere to be found…in fact, no one (other than the confused classmate) was to be found. o_o

Then it was time to wake up, because it was 8:30 and we had to leave for Jeidai’s commencement (more on that soon :D) at 9.