Dream #1 involved me staying at Jeidai‘s house, even though the year wasn’t over yet. In fact, it was during finals. Getting over to school was easy. I had my car over at her house, and when it was time for me to go to school, I would jump in it and drive over.

But one day, when it was time to go over for my Web Design final critique, it took me about an hour to gather everything up. And when I got outside, I couldn’t find said car. ;o; I searched up and down the street, and luckily saw my mom, heading down the driveway after a visit to Jeidai’s family and decided to ask her for a ride. But then I saw the car parked in front of the next house and was relieved.

Um…well, it turns out that I was late. In fact, I had missed the entire critique (which was about two/three hours long). But the teacher didn’t seem too disappointed and said I could show her my project by coming to the computer lab for an hour. I happily agreed to it. Of course, she said I would have to sign the “national face” (a little sign-in sheet post by the door, for students who wanted to work in the lab during their non-class hours). After remembering this new policy they had, I remembered that I had once come into the Mac lab one day for an hour to work on my Multimedia final project and didn’t sign in. Whoops :x).

Then the dream switched over to me heading over to Ceramics at night. As I was heading over to the studio, I got the feeling that I was being stalked, and managed to hurry up and get inside. But a little while later, I needed to go to one of the other buildings for some reason. This would mean that Mr. Stalker would have another chance to come after me. But this time, I was more prepared and attempted to defeat him as I crossed the giant swimming pool that dominated the entire quad.

Then I started to wake up, despite the fact that I wanted to see what would happen next. But eventually gave up, since I was tired of trying to stay asleep (hee hee!!).

Dream #2 was at the final critique for my Painting class. It took place in a huge, blue area, kinda like the plaza-type areas at shopping malls. Behind the stage was a large structure that contained a dorm, lived in by your’s truly. Uhhh, nothing else really happened, other than the Ceramics students used my dorm as a place to store their projects (which I was really proud of).