Daaayyyuummm, just learned about the #VeryAsian thing.

Anyway! Here’s what Japanese folks have for a #VeryAsian New Years breakfast. 😏

(Disclaimer: I only know this from what we have on New Years ourselves as a 3rd-4th generation family. Had to go to Wikipedia for some info, so it might not reflect 100% what they actually have overseas.)

Ozoni, featuring (can vary from region to region in Japan, according to Wikipedia) mochi, spinach, daikon, nori, and would usually have a couple of slices of fish (if non-vegan/vegetarian). Usually, my relatives have it with fish stock but in my case, made from kombu (edible kelp—cuz vegan).

The newest American Girl of the modern line is also #VeryAsian! (Also it’s about time! The last time we got an Asian American Girl, she was just a Best Friend character, which is basically like a sidekick. 😬)