This entire dream had some form of time travel as a theme, broken up into a couple smaller dreams.

Dream #1

I found an article online that supposedly came from the far future, claiming that there was a conspiracy that the US president (in the future) had somehow manipulated asteroids into hitting Earth to test our planetary defenses. I then wondered if a super mystical warrior type (like a Jedi, one of the guys from Dragonball Z or someone like an Earthbender from Avatar) could reflect the rocks back into space or at least destroy them to keep them from hitting the ground and causing damage (and imagined an action sequence where the scenes involving the Jedi/Z Warrior/Earthbender using super reflexes to catch the rocks, sped up and when it got to the more suspenseful parts, slowed down like a lot of action movies).

I feel like Obama actually did send for some Z Warrior-type guys to deflect the rocks.

Dream #2

(This was a very animeish-looking dream, in art style, music, pacing, story, etc.)

There was a secret order dedicated to maintaining the balance of the Earth. The ones who had the power to maintain it were called the Guardians (a group of girls, which I was a part of). Everyone else protected the Guardians and were basically people like scientists, engineers, boss people, guards or assistants. Despite their status, the Guardians were actually subordinates of the boss people and had strict rules laid down for them.

There was one moment where the scientists were trying out time travel and managed to open a portal into the very far future. We only saw a giant redwood tree in a forest, and realized that there was an apocalypse, which had wiped out most of mankind. While one of the scientists tried climbing the tree to leave a marker there (so when our time caught up with this future, we would be able to find the marker on the tree to tell if this really was the future we were seeing). He ended up falling and was greeted by a post-apocalyptic survivor, a plucky 12 year old girl. Upon finding out that they were from the past, she explained that  after the apocalypse, the surviving humans wound up living in trees, since all the buildings had been destroyed.  When the scientist tried climbing the tree again, I noticed the girl staring into the stream, with an almost sad look on her face.

Later on, one of the Guardians (who looked a little like Tieve in her oracle outfit) noticed her cat wasn’t feeling well. The head guard, a young 20ish to early 30s sighed and ordered two of his guards to follow him, so they could escort the Guardian to the vet. When they got back, the other Guardians could tell that the cat was feeling a little better, but his owner was looking a little depressed.