• Jeidai: cousin
  • L: sister

(Most of the earlier half of this dream is a bunch of seemingly unrelated fragments…kinda like Alice in Wonderland. This is what I get for not writing this one ASAP.)

Jeidai‘s immediate family and my immediate family were on some kind of vacation in Japan. We stayed at this warehouse-looking hotel and played this game where Jeidai’s dad dressed up in a Yeti costume and would try to scare the beejeebies out of us. The cousins (my siblings and I and Jeidai and her siblings) explored the city, but were on the constant lookout for Jeidai’s dad umm…dressed up as a Yeti…

Then we met our match on a train where Jeidai and I sat in the back, surrounded by school girls in uniforms. Someone in a Yeti outfit came up to spook us, and just when we thought we had lost, Jeidai’s dad NOT wearing the Yeti outfit came up, next to the Yeti person. For a while, we were confused, until the unknown person took off the mask, revealing…

My mom’s coworker’s husband (also one of the elders at our church)! :O

Later that day, we all decided to go on a tour around the city. We got onto a tram, similar to the monorail at Disneyland, only without the roof (so it was like a convertible version of a tram). It was also used as transportation by city inhabitants, so we also sat with business people, going to and from work. (Once again, I was in the same car as school girls, who were this time in sailor style uniforms. Something about their uniforms made it hard for me to tell if they were actual uniforms or if they were just cosplaying.)

As for me, I somehow got separated from everyone else, so we ended up in different tram car things. I also ended up in a conversation with a college-age guy who may or may not have been an inhabitant of the city, while keeping an eye on the car the relatives were in (just to make sure they didn’t leave me behind).

AJB (anonymous Japanese boy), myself and a bunch of others were still on the tram, until it reached the end of the line. I realized that the relatives weren’t on the tram anymore. Which means they had gotten off at an earlier stop. Which means they left me behind in a city that barely spoke English. :O :O

AJB and I went our separate ways, and I decided to walk around to see if I could find the others. (The city had sort of a…European/New England feel to it.) I did find a really interesting clock store that sold other items (handbags, hats, etc).

When I realized that I wasn’t going to be reunited with everyone anytime soon, I started calling everyone’s cellphones. The only one who picked up was L (but her voice sounded soooo different from L’s o_o). I told her what was going on and when I needed to tell her the time, I looked over at one of the many clocks hanging on the wall, and said it was 10am. She informed me I was wrong and that it was in fact, 11. I looked over again at the clock and saw that it was most definitely 10—but oh wait, the Roman numeral 11 was at the top of the clock instead of the Roman numeral 12. Not to mention, the minute hand kept moving backwards and forwards after the 11 and the 11 had a negative sign in front of it (so it was like this: -XI). I figured that the 11 referred to the minutes, but I didn’t feel like figuring out how to tell the time with it.

I told L that yup, okay, she was right (didn’t feel like arguing XD), told her where I was and hung up. Afterwards I went over to a kiosk/cart filled with polished stones. While inspecting them, a classmate from way back in middle school came up to me to say hi. I double took, triple took and quadruple took him and thought ‘WOW, you haven’t changed at all in ten years!’ (he still looked 13/14…).

The end.