me: me

Jeidai: cousin


Note: Everything I know about HP comes from either the movies or Wikipedia. I don’t really have the attention span to actually read the books. o_o

I went to school in San Luis Obispo, CA (where Jeidai currently goes to school at CalPoly). My mom and I stopped off at some checkpoint nearby the school when she said that’s as far as she could take me. Since I had my car, I could drive the rest of the way. I decided ‘nahhhh, I’m going to walk instead!’ Buuuuut since it was about 30 miles away, I rode my bike instead (which I also conveniently had :3). When I was done with school for the day, it was time to head home for the day. I went back up to the checkpoint and thought about having my mom pick me up (and as for my car still being there…what car? :O).

But instead, I decided to go to Hogwarts (wow, looks like “Hogwarts” is in the Firefox dictionary…it wasn’t underlined when I typed it), which wasn’t too far away. Also, I am now Harry Potter, since everything was in my POV, but I looked and sounded exactly like Harry. XD

In this Hogwarts, the houses were in modern-looking CalPoly-esque style buildings. Except for one which is also kind of abandoned. The only ones who lived in it were…Harry, Jeidai and some others. Also in order to get to it, you have to crawl into this hollowed-out tree and into a hole in the ground. Then you would appear in one of the CalPoly-esque buildings (which doesn’t look so CalPoly-esque on the inside). This was so only residents of that house/dorm could access it, but pretty much everyone knew about this “secret” entrance.

(In a previous dream where I was Harry and Jeidai was Hermione, we lived in a Hogwarts-style dorm that could only be accessed via hollowed-out tree.)

One day, I was talking with my zombie friend* and he wanted to know about this “secret” entrance. I told him that only residents of that dorm could get in. Oh yeah, I also accidentally hinted about its location. o_o The zombie took off to notify his friends and I knew I better tell someone fast.

*I was up really late last night playing as a zombie on Gaia’s Halloween Hysteria event. 😀 Two factions down, two to go (zombie and human).

I immediately went to the dean of that dorm, whose name was similar to Cornelius Fudge (I think his first name was Cornealus?). His face looked a bit like the Mad Hatter’s from Alice in Wonderland, only less cartoony-looking (but he was just as goofy/silly). And he had hair like a jack playing card.

I was a bit nervous about talking to him about the zombies, since I almost never talk to people from his department. But I knew I had to get it done (and I was wondering if he knew the answer to this other question I had…), so I knocked on the door of his office (looked more like a small court room) and walked in.

He was sitting at his desk (which looked more like a judge’s stand/desk thing), talking with another student. When that student left, I advanced forward.

I also temporarily forgot the two things I wanted to tell him, but oh wait, I remember one of them now.

“Zombies are about to invade [name of current house/dorm],” I informed him.

He gasped in horror. “Oh noo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!” he wailed. (He sounded exactly like the Mad Hatter as well. O_o)

I then remembered my second question. I remember that my parents (errr…Harry’s parents) had a plant they always carried around with them (León). Just before they died, they asked me to take care of the plant. So I asked him if there was anything important about it.

His face grew serious and he said the meaning of the plant was neither social, political nor sentimental. Its importance was created entirely in my mind (i.e. if I thought it was really important to them, then it must have been…or some weirdly ambiguous answer that you sometimes might get when you were hoping for a straight answer). Everything he said appeared in a fantasy RPG-esque dialouge box, with the four choices (social, political, sentimental, some fourth option) underneath.

The dean went into his office (which was just another desk one level higher than his first one), and started playing tricks on his poor secretary (like…using his magic to cause the pages of her book to flip around). I stared for about five seconds and left.

I figured that Cornealus would come up with a plan for the zombies, which meant we students should get out, right? I rounded up Jeidai, some other students and Jeidai’s brother (the older one), who used to work in facilities at the school. One of the students suggested we not take the stairs, in case if we’re ambushed there. So let’s take the elevator! But oh wait, taking the elevator during a zombie invasion isn’t such a great idea.* Luckily, JeidaiBro had keys to the “artist” elevators (aka service elevators). Since they were for facilities people, they weren’t as well furnished with carpeting and music. But they were also ten times stronger than the other elevators, so we figured we could survive in them in a zombie invasion.

*There is a paper sign hanging in the Art Complex computer that reads “In case of paranormal activity, do not use elevator” and shows a person being chased by a ghost down the stairs. This is also at a school that’s said to be haunted. 😀

He unlocked the doors and I forced them open (since they would stay open for about five seconds before closing). I also noticed that all of the “artist” elevators had cheap, worn plaques that mentioned a “Peter Petunia” (some character in the HP books in this dream who doesn’t exist in the books IRL) and Ed Elric.

We stepped inside the elevator, which we discovered really wasn’t an elevator, but some kind of hall. And to the right was a grcoery store, where we ran into Jeidai’s mom (they said hi and caught up on stuff, while I was getting antsy and eager to tell her to get out as soon as possible, because errr…there are going to be zombies invading the school soon).

The end. 😀