Forgot how this one begins. Grandma owned L’s school, which I think it was passed down through her family or something. Sometimes used it as kinda like a hotel/motel (used the classrooms as the people’s rooms).

There was some kind of a carnival/festival/celebration going on there. A majority of the students+their families were there, along with our family (L, Worm88, me, Mom, Dad) to help run things, along AuAm (dad’s aunt). The school was about four times larger the actual size in real life. After walking around and watching people, I realized I was only in my pajamas. :O I tried to figure out how to get back home so I could change into my regular clothes, but got lost or sidetracked. (Sidetracked by some really weird events, like…someone’s horse galloping into the gym–which was big enough to house the entire school, or non-killing assassins showing up.)

After about a couple hours, I found the building where we lived in (yeeees, we live at the school, as well as work at it XP), which stood in the place where the C building normally would be. It was about 5/6 stories high, and looked a little like the Performing Arts building at the college Jeidai and I go to. I went inside.

Inside looked a lot like Grandma’s old house. I tried to find the elevator, but didn’t know where it was. Before we moved into the school, we all lived in another building, which I was really used to. When we moved, we were to take all the rooms from the old building, and build them into the new building (hee), but some things, like the location of the elevator, changed. I searched around the place, looking for shiny, red-and-white striped elevator doors, but didn’t find any.

I gave up, and found AuAm in the TV room, and asked her where the elevator was. She took out a holoprojector-like thing (kinda like from Star Wars) and displayed an image of one of those parking garages. She said, “This is the parking lot” (on the first level underground). They (as in her and Grandma) used it so the students could park there without overcrowding the building or something (…apparently, the school was slowly being crossed over with a college here XP).

Then she took out a couple deep…oven baking pans. Each tub was filled with greenish/brownish, oily-looking water. She said that the next two levels above the parking lot (both still underground) were abandoned and infested with demons. So they kept a swimming pool-like tub in each of the levels, full of boiling hot water. The demons were supposed to fall into the tubs, and die from the intense heat. But occasionally, the demons left oily streaks in the water, so people had to clean them out. The metallic tubs AuAm had were kind of like miniature versions of the larger tubs.

They maintained the larger ones by taking care of the smaller ones (larger ones gets dirty, smaller ones gets dirty; then the smaller ones gets cleaned, and the larger ones gets cleaned). AuAm demonstrated by sticking her finger in the water, and taking out the oily streaks, and had me do the same. I did and found that the water wasn’t that hot at all. After a few minutes, I asked, “So, where’s the elevator?”

AuAm ::points in the direction of the bathroom:: “There.”
me ::looks:: ‘I already checked there!’

But sure enough, that’s where the elevator was. I hopped inside, and studied the controls, trying to figure out how they worked. I just randomly chose one, a small lever. Elevator moved up…after about a half a minute, I started to get the feeling that I hit the wrong switch. My guess was correct, as the elevator shot out from the roof and into the sky.

The Great Glass Elevator

I first thought of a certain book, involving a chocolate factory and an all-purpose glass elevator. But unlike the one from the book, this elevator ended up crashing in someone’s front yard (almost landed on their car :O), only because I wasn’t doing anything to control it. I decided to head back home, and moved the lever. Elevator moved up a little, but steering was really weird. There were two levers actually. The left one was used to move left. But If you moved it all the way to the left, and right one a little to the right, it would move right.

I got tired of the controls really fast, and just used the right one to move around. Then I switched back to using both of them, since I found out that when I wanted to swoop back up suddenly (weird elevator dove down a lot :x), it would only go up halfway with one level. And it just barely made it over the wall with both levers.

Eventually, I got it back home, and surprisingly was able to get the elevator back in the building without destroying it. (Usually, I’d expect something like that to happen, especially in a dream. O_o) Ended up on the roof somehow. I went back inside via fire escape, and found the lights out upstairs, and instead, were illuminated by candlelight. Just about everyone from Jeidai’s dad’s family was there, along with Jeidai and her family, my family and some of my dad’s family. They were all celebrating something like 4th of July (different event from the one earlier in the dream). Jeidai, C, M, Worm88, L and I were all chibized by about 12/13 years. For a second, I started to feel a little awkward, as though I were an outsider. Then I got comfortable, and joined everyone else.

The end. ::closes book::