I was watching Doug*. There was one scene where Doug’s sister (who didn’t look much like Judy, his actual sister) was driving down a road, with their mom in the front seat and their dad in the back (oddly enough, she was driving on the right side of the car), when both parents were hit with an epidemic that turns them into giant, vampiric spiders. That freaked me out, since I hate spiders, so I paused this scene for a little while, while trying to gather the courage to continue, since I was also really curious as to what would happen next.

*8D; Some of those voice actors look familiar. Billy West?? (Futurama) Roxanne Beck?? (Revolutionary Girl Utena, 2nd Urusei Yatsura movie)

Then I decided that now would be a good time to call Doug’s superhero alter-ego, umm…what was his name again? I could only think of the name “He-Man”, but I also kept thinking ‘hey wait, isn’t that the name of that cheesy superhero guy with the iron cross?’ (and multiple instances of He-Man’s line “I HAVE THE POWER” from the Funimation Channel’s commercial kept playing in my head, yargh). But “He-Man” was the only thing I could think of. As cheesy as it sounds, I remember reading from somewhere that it was a random, spur-of-the-moment name Doug thought of, and while it did sound cheesy at first, it eventually grew on the population of Bluffington, and it stuck.

(Actually, his alter-ego is Quailman.)

I took out my USB drive, uncapped it and flung out in front of me, yelling for Quailman’s help (looks like I got his name right after all). If you’re wondering why I would use a computer storage device to summon a superhero, my reasoning was, if you need a file with you most of the time, where would you keep it? In a USB drive. (No, that doesn’t make sense, but shhh, dream logic.) When he didn’t appear, I became confused and attempted to throw it again, when I realized ‘hey wait. This is how they summon Pokemon.’ Since Quailman’s not a Pokemon, I couldn’t call him out in the same way. 😛 I tried several more times, while just holding the drive out in front of me, but nothing happened. I became fed up and decided to call him like anyone would call for help from a superhero, and yelled “QUAILMAN!!!!!!”, knowing he would hear me, since he was just in the next room over.

Switch to another dream

I was at my late grandma’s house, with L (sister) when I spotted some anime books on the shelf, under the TV. They mainly had character bios for series like Ranma ½ and other series by Rumiko Takahashi. I was about to look at one, but L wouldn’t let me for some reason. When I started to look anyway, she asked my mom if we were allowed to read the books under the TV. When my mom asked what kind of books they were, she replied “anime”. Mom was unsure, since they might have been there long before we were born (i.e. they weren’t for us). I didn’t think so. The only way my grandma would have kids’ books in her house is if they were leftover from when she was still raising her kids (Mom and her sisters). And they couldn’t have been, since Ranma 1/2 came out in the 80s, after all the kids moved out. So, I was convinced she had gotten them for us to read (and I was sure L was going to physically break me in half ._.;). Then I realized I had another dream to attend to (Doug).

Back to the Doug dream

Once Quailman came over, the scene with the vampiric spiders was allowed to continue. But since they were Doug’s parents, we didn’t want to hurt them, so we decided to go after the head vampire. (We were all in the entry area of my house at these time.) Quailman was about grab him by the neck, when the vampire’s head easily fell off his neck.

Quailman was surprised. He didn’t think it would be so easy. And I was surprised, until I realized that the vampire could probably move without his head (making him more like a zombie).

And it pretty much ended there.