About three years ago, I had a lot of dreams where my mom and dad had another kid (in some of them, said baby was adopted), probably spawned from my desire to have a third sibling. ;o; (Especially after seeing a certain three year old cousin of mine.) I got over it, probably because I learned that said cousin can throw really…wild tantrums. :O Not so much the diaper thing. I’ve seen my mom change L’s diaper when she was a baby, and I thought it was more cool than gross. But just the tantrums. Yeah.)

But I had another one last night! :O Probably because of Zoey, and how she’s like a fourth kid in our family (unlike Muffin and Peach, who only need to be fed, brushed and their litter boxes cleaned). Zoey needs to someone to play with her and keep her company, otherwise she gets bored (and sits at the front window, barking wildly at people on the sidewalk or the neighbors).

But before that, I also had a dream that one of the OpenOffice.org developers left me some “subjective” (almost called it “suggestive”) coding for me on the dusty surface of my laundry hamper (mentioned on their blog that they left something for “the owner of Giantpaper…”). O_o I kinda wondered, if it’s subjective, does that mean its meaning could depend on each person that interprets it? (“I think it’s creating an array…” “Looks like it’s parsing something….”)

Right when I was starting to question HOW they were able to find out where I live, the dream switched over to the previously mentioned one, where we were at some kind of large warehouse, with brand new baby sister and a friend of my mom’s. Dad had gotten little sister ready in her stroller/carriage thing, and asked me to close the big garage door. I wondered for a moment if the noise of the door closing would scare her (kind of like how Zoey is scared by loud noises) before I woke up.