I planted my carnivorous plants (the ones I got for Christmas) on Dec. 28 last year. Err…two of them, that is (Venus Flytrap and Sundew, the others are waiting to germinate in the fridge). It takes about 3 months for these seeds to grow. Slow growers, yup. :yes: At the moment, I’m trying to make sure they aren’t too cold (60/70°F around this time of year is best) and that they get enough sunlight (indirect sunlight = good, direct = bad).

Aaaand since I haven’t grown plants in a really long time, I actually had a dream about keeping plants. X3

My dad gave the three of us (Worm88, L and me) these cactus plants as presents. They were already planted in dry soil in these little plastic pots with hard plastic domes over them. I didn’t water mine right away. I knew from experience (in real life) that if you water them too much, you could drown them. So I resorted to just bringing it around with me everywhere I went.

One day, I must’ve given it so much love that it visibly right before my eyes that it grew a non-cactus-like sprout. O_o Then it grew another one. I took it out into our backyard, when the second sprout suddenly shot right out of the dome and straight into the cloudy sky. At first, I was surprised and happy, since I’ve never had this luck with plants before! (as seeing as how I’ve only kept cacti, I don’t know how true this is XP).

Then I started to become a little worried, because it reminded me of the Jack and the Beanstalk story…I don’t know if I actually believed a giant would come down from the clouds, but I didn’t want the oversized stalk to break and fall on all those houses. The fact that there was an oval-shaped Venus flytrap-like head at the end didn’t help either (Little Shop of Horrors, anyone?). So I knew the right thing to do. The problem was that I saw it as my pride and joy (almost as a pet or friend). But my heroic ambition was much stronger, so I broke off the stalk and mushed it up in my hands, head and all.

And because I didn’t want it to regenerate itself from its remains (a la Maijin Buu), I decided to burn it. Since I couldn’t think of any safe place to burn a giant plant mass, I looked around the kitchen for a pan to fry it in (right when the relatives were over, cooking from some kind of gathering). …Unfortunately, we had just recently remodeled our kitchen (not IRL), so everything was now mixed up. I found the pots and pans where the old oven used to be (the oven is now under the stove where the pans were).

…The end. ( ._.)