TL;DR version:

1. In Discord’s user settings, go to Windows Settings and enable (yes enable, read on) Open Discord.

2. In Task Manager, go to the Startup tab (click More Details at the bottom left of the window if you don’t see it).

3. Look for something called Update.

4. You should probably verify that this is in the Discord folder by checking the file location through the Properties window.

5. If it is, disable it and close Task Manager.

The Open Discord option needs to be checked in user settings, otherwise you won’t be able to find Discord anything in Task Manager’s Startup tab.

Long looooooong version….

One problem I kept running into when installing Discord on Windows 10 was that it would autostart, no matter what I had in my settings. (And I don’t exactly have a fast computer, so waiting 3+ minutes for it to “check for updates” wasn’t ideal.)

Whenever I looked this problem up online, every single tutorial said to go to Users Settings > Windows Settings and uncheck Open Discord. And sometimes you might have to open Task Manager, go to More Details so the Startup tab shows up, and disable Discord through there.

So, I went into my user settings in Discord, and noticed Open Discord was unchecked.

Definitely unchecked

Then I went to Task Manager > Startup tab to see if I could disable it from there. But…

No Discord here

There was nothing here for Discord. 😶 And the next 100 or so tutorials I found online repeated the same exact steps I read previously (disable through Discord’s user settings and/or disable in Task Manager).

After some searching online, I found this post on reddit (Discord boots up at start even though I have that setting disabled..), and while the first post did make sense, it still didn’t help sadly.

Somewhere around here, I crankily noticed this thing called Update and that the publisher was Github? I opened up the properties window to see what folder it resided in…

YUP. So Update needs to be disabled in Task Manager.

Only problem is it checks for updates whenever you first start your computer, and I don’t know if this happens for me (because of slow Internet), but it takes about 3+ minutes to check for updates. No idea if it’s possible to just disable it or make it shorter. 🤨