Guinea pigs, that is (not that I think you should buy dogs or cats–YOU SHOULDN’T, but guinea pigs are what I’m thinking of, since I’ve been lurking and its accompanying message board lately.

Why adopt, instead of buying?

Where to go now for pet supplies? Well…

Hay & Pellets

  • feed storesFor hay if you have the room, you can buy an entire bale! For about half the price as the bagged hay in stores! Since guinea pigs tend to go through their hay like water, it’s best to find hay at cheap prices
  • petless pet stores–or what most people call them, “pet supply stores” or “pet stores that doesn’t sell pets”, but “petless pet stores” is so much more fun to say. There might be one in your area!
  • KMS HayloftOnline only I have heard so many good things about this hay (very fresh, green, soft, etc). I don’t think she ships outside of the US…Shipping might look expensive ($11.96 to California), but depending on where you live, it might be cheaper than to buy it from a petless pet store (hay + shipping of KMS compared to the cost + tax of Oxbow hay from the local petless pet store). Pellets on the other hand, can be shipped internationally, but it’s verrrry expensive.

Recommend brands: Oxbow Cavy Cuisine (for pigs over 6 months), Oxbow Cavy Performance (for under 6 months), Kleenmama/KMS, Sherwood Pet Health.

Misc supplies (bedding, bowls, water bottles, hay racks, etc)

  • eBay and Amazon–read the reviews or ask other experienced pet owners if you think a particular product might be good for your pet. (Also in the case of eBay, check the seller’s feedback rating and the reviews people left for particular items. A good feedback score to look for is 98% or above.)
  • Target, Kmart, Walmart, Costco, 99c Store, 2nd hand stores, etc–people found that items like small bowls or dishes make good food bowls. The first four also sell pet supplies.

(The only things you really need for a guinea pig are hay, pellets, water bottle/bowl, food bowl, hidey house, tunnels and wood chews, most of which are covered above. Things like yogurt drops, edible logs/huts and salt wheels are bad for them.)

I used to want to work at a pet store, so I could help care for the animals. But then I realized, that if I did that, I would have to give customers advice on caring for their pets using the store’s idea of good animal care. “This 2 square foot cage would be good for your guinea pig” and not “None of the cages here are large enough for even a single guinea pig. Your best bet is to make one yourself. Go to for more info.” Yus, that will go well with the bosses.

Btw, this is the type of pet store I would want to work at.

Btw #2, some of you might know that I bought my guinea pig, Mocha at Petsmart. She was very paranoid and her ears were shredded along the edges. Yes, I’m happy I’m giving her a better life now that she is under my care, but at the same time, another guinea pig took her place at the store (probably also just as paranoid and abused). And if someone else buys him/her, another will take their place. See my point? Stop the madness. >:O Adopt, don’t buy.

Edit // 2020.10.11

Added Sherwood Pet Health to the list of recommended pellet brands.