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(Team Fortress 2)

Apparently a soldier cracked some kind of whip (I guess it was this whip? O.O)* in a payload map and for a minute, the entire game crashed. When everything returned to normal and the game commenced, ummmm…it was not so….normal…as in, the game textures were all mixed up. As in, metal objects like this checkpoint had a fire texture instead of a gray texture. A BLU soldier wore what looked like a RED scout’s texture. Even more confusing, a BLU engie wearing a RED engie’s texture (took a while to figure out why I wasn’t doing any damage to him). Most of the other players’ textures were solid light gray and

*Based on Mr. Giantpaper’s retelling.

Also O.o when I brought up the Steam overlay, Steam itself was mistextured (which I was not able to save a picture of unfortunately ;o;). But in the chat window, Mr. Giantpaper’s avatar was replaced with my TF2 spray (the cat-eared silhouette shown here). And the window background itself was kind of a solid, light gray (as opposed to the mid-gray tone it normally is).

Exiting the game seemed to solve it. Mr. Giantpaper said something about how it affected him and probably everyone else (something to do with the Soldier’s Disciplinary Action)…