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Secure your digital self: auditing your cloud identity

*reads comments*

Nice when people say to stop using whatever third party online service you’re using and to set up your own instead (ex. file syncing services like Dropbox, email providers, etc). Would be nice, but not everyone has the time/knowledge for it.

(Of course, now that my MacBook Pro has a giant 1TB hard drive, and my desktop has a 500ishGB hard drive, I could probably use WinXP’s Shared Documents folder to transfer files between the two computers, instead of using Dropbox. I just need to enable Share This Folder on my network for the Shared Documents folder, and on my MBP, connecting to it like I would connect to a regular remote server.)

Anyway, I just gave up and turned on Google’s two factor authentication and going to trust Google not to do anything sneaky with my number. (I was quite happy to find that you can choose to have it use either voice messages or SMS, so I chose voice message.) I’m glad Amazon went about fixing their password reset procedure, but Apple’s pompous attitude about the whole thing bothers me.

Also people keep saying the last 4 numbers of your credit card number on every iTunes receipt (which they considered “sensitive info”), will reset your password if you can give them the last 4 numbers of the credit card on file (until now). But…how would’ve this worked out for people who use Paypal instead of a credit card with their Apple accounts? The only card I ever used with them is on that’s expired. I don’t have record of the number anywhere and they don’t even have my current card number in their database.