Sometimes I have dreams where I’m in some hidden room of Jeidai’s house, filled with old, unused objects (kinda like in someone’s attic or garage). There’s a hole in the floor that allows me to warp to my grandparents’ old house, when I squeeze myself into it.

And sometimes, I have dreams where I’m in a huge hotel at Disneyland, where I get lost in easily. And after wandering around, I wind up in an old elevator that takes me to some outside location in a 50s version of Tomorrowland.

In this dream, my mom, dad, L and I were driving around on the freeway, Mom and L in one car, Dad in another and me in another (Worm88 was…elsewhere). We weren’t going anywhere in particular. We were just driving around, because you know, we looooove to drive, yeeeeaahhh!

Eventually, I lost track of everyone else. After several failed attempts to get back to where we started, I decided to go to one location I always knew how to get to: Jeidai’s house (or just that one room mentioned above in Jeidai’s house)! Except in this dream, it wasn’t in her house. It was part of a skyscraper near the highway. I drove up, folded up my car and went inside.

And instead of ending up at my grandparents’ place as I had hoped, I found myself at the huge Disneyland hotel (also mentioned above). This was a bit unexpected, as I didn’t think my two dreams would merge together. But I knew where to go. When I stepped out of the old elevator, I found myself not in Tomorrowland, but on an overpass above a freeway. On the overpass, a bunch of people were working on…something (road construction?). And since I didn’t want to be caught as an intruder and roped into what they were doing, I decided to sneak past, by hanging onto the outer ledge of the overpass.

But I knew I was caught, when the overseer announced to everyone that “Giantpaper will not be panning for gold” (meaning that I do work for them, but looks like I won’t be working today. It was also his way of sneering at me).

The workers and overseer stopped what they were doing and tried to jump me. I fought them off…and woke up.