(I actually don’t know if there are any Twilight Zone movies, let alone, know how many there are. But whatever the answer, there’s a 99.999999% chance this dream is nothing like them. :P)

Movie #3

Movie #3 was at some kind of touristy location like Balboa Park in San Diego. The camera was moving along the sidewalk, with people passing by. One particular guy (who had his 5/6 year old son with him) walked by, and as soon as he was out of hearing range, people crowded together, staring after him, commenting on how he had an evil aura.

And…I’m not sure what happened after this. Maybe I forgot about it, since I didn’t write this dream down immediately after I woke up, or I just happen to not dream it. But eventually it was discovered that the guy with the evil aura had an evil entity taking up residence inside him, corrupting him. While his son didn’t notice (he never showed his evil side to him), his friends knew what was going on. In the end, because no one could think of a way to rid him of the entity, they reluctantly decided to get rid of the being housing the entity. The climax took place at a rocky hillside near the park with a large abyss. For some time, they’ve been trying to get him to fall into the abyss, but he always fought back. Eventually, he “wakes up” and realizes what he’s done. But he knew it was only temporary, since as long as the entity remained in his body, he would always remain the way he was. He threw himself into the abyss, but not before asking everyone to deliver a message to his son, explaining why he couldn’t be with him anymore.


Movie #4

And I have even less info on Movie #4. I just know it involves a secret message that a hidden organization received. For some time, they’ve been trying to figure out who the sender was and where it came from. Eventually, we (yes, somehow I, a viewer, became involved :P) figured out that the sender is someone named Nicole, and an old abandoned shack out in the woods might give us some clues. I went out to the shack and saw that one of the other members of the organization were there too. That was it. Just the two of us. After a while, I told the other member some other info I found (in a very matter-of-fact way). What I said led her to think that I was Nicole, and she lunged forward to strangle me, because did “I” know how much trouble I caused for the organization with my message??

I was able to tell her that, no I’m not Nicole, I’m actually Noelle (for those who don’t know, Noelle is my old online alias from about…a couple weeks ago). This intrigued her and she took out a device that allowed her to have access to the organization’s database of all its members. She couldn’t find my name, but oh wait, she spelt it as “Noella” and I told her “Maybe try it with an ‘e’ at the end instead?” She did that, and got all sorts of info on me, including my height, weight, ethnicity, background info, my job in the organization as a runner and so on (whatever I chose to include on me). At the very end, I have a collage of me at age four wearing whatever glasses I wore at that age, and around me, were images of glasses I wore in between that age and now. She squeeed and tried hugging me, since she found me so ADORABLY CUTE. I ran away from her, and there was something about a shopping mall or a department store in San Diego. The end.