Haha, once again, I get to torture you with another dream of mine. :3 (Actually, this one’s not as exciting as the other ones. But four days in a row with dreams. Maybe there should be an Internet meme called “365 Dreams a Year” or “Dream-a-Day”. :P)

A Capstone classmate and I were lodging at a public swimming pool. In exchange for being able to stay the night, we were asked to clean the place up. We both sat at a long table by the pool, talking while working (I was using some face cleaning stuff to clean furniture, various objects and anything that’s wasn’t actual people faces).

The dream switched over to my church (where I do volunteer work). I was given the task of printing out a stack of black-and-white flyers on colored paper. But when I pressed the print button, a full-color, legal-sized poster on white paper came out. I figured that one of the ministry assistants had in the printing queue, and thought about printing the rest of out (but decided against it, when I remembered that she might want to look it over and make corrections before printing out the rest). I took a stack of colored paper and hunted for the tray to put it in…except I couldn’t find said tray. :O (Other than that, I was pretty amazed at how much luck I was having with the printer, as seeing as how it didn’t act like it was possessed. :P)

Now I was at home, in the living room. Except the living room no longer looked like our living room; it looked like a meeting room or a conference room. All around the perimeter of the room were sofas and tables. And there were a bunch of people I was unfamiliar with were also in that room (some kind of ceremony going on). Then I remember I lost a poster in this room a long time ago, so I decided to find it before someone else did.

That resulted in me crawling around on the floor, checking under the sofas and tables (even when people were in danger of stepping on me :O). I would check in areas I have not looked in for a long time, and I would crawl right across the room to get to the other side. ^_^;

The dream shifted back to the public pool. Our work (classmate’s and mine) was done, and we headed to our “room”, which looked like a locker room under construction…and it probably was, since there were lockers lined up against the walls. In between each set of lockers was a sleeping bag hanging on the wall. Classmate, myself and other people staying at the pool slept in these sleeping bags. 😛 In the middle of the room was a long, unfurnished dining table and somewhere in the corner were old kayaks and paddles.

(As for the entry title, there was a scene in Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice #10 where Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan have to go to a place called Soft Landings Inn…which was nothing like its name suggested. 😛 It was rundown and downright ugly-looking, so this dream reminded me of that.)