Mocha: guinea pig
Worm88: brother

I had yet another weird dream this morning. O_o It had two parts.

Part One

I was cleaning the house of a woman, while her five year old daughter was taking a bath. Once she was done, I jumped in after so I could take one myself. When I sat in the tub, I noticed I had pink marker lines all over me, drawn in some kind of weird pattern. I then remembered a dream I had about a ghost drawing patterns all over me (while my pajamas were still on), so these lines must’ve come from that dream! :O

Part Two

I was in my room, with Mocha on my bed, when two birds and three monkeys came in through the window and somehow got themselves trapped in Mocha’s cage. O_o I took the cage out to the back, since I didn’t want wild animals in the house and they all ran/flew out into the backyard. I watched them play among the bushes, until I noticed an old 60s type car drive into the backyard from the side of the house and get stuck in the wall. I thought that it might be a ghost car (why else would it appear out of nowhere into the backyard?).

Worm88 walked by and I showed him the ghost car…which had “conveniently” faded away. I then showed him the birds and monkeys (birds I can understand, but how often do you see monkeys in your backyard in the city?). They too had disappeared and I figured that they were ghosts as well. When Worm88’s back was turned, the license plate of the car had appeared and the monkeys reappeared again. I gave up trying to show him, since I knew they would disappear once he turned toward them. X_x