The four Ninja Turtles (from the 80s cartoon) were camping on the beach, when another turtle (a regular, non-anthropomorphized turtle) showed up on the waves and approached them. They took it home, only to discover that the turtle was actually Natalie Portman in disguise. She told them that they had been chosen to save the world from impending doom.

And then followed a series of events, involving other characters (including myself :D). Mainly Disney characters. (There was a scene that took place on a railroad on the side of a mountain, that looked similar to the train scene/mission on Mt. Corel in FFVII. I think the Mad Hatter was there. XP) There was another scene where Natalie had to disguise herself a squishy, green, glowing slug when she and the turtles reached some far off city, and some guards were questioning her authenticity…

Eventually, everyone ended up at one location, which looked like it was in the woods. They were told that the mastermind behind this entire mess would reveal himself. There was a large cauldron in the middle of the crowd. Purplish pink smoke billowed up and started to resemble the Cheshire Cat. I wasn’t too surprised, since the Cheshire Cat always did seem like a trickster-type of character to me (but I was hoping for something more…menacing and epic). But no, the smoke cleared, revealing the Tramp from Lady and the Tramp. O_o While everyone was in shock, he said “:/ The color dark green never lies” (I think he was wearing a dark green collar at the time).

I “woke up” and somehow some movie producers found out about my dream and wanted to make a movie out of it. But when I saw the opening of the turtles finding a female anthropomorphized turtle instead of the regular-looking turtle that Natalie, I started to think ‘I think that’s wrong…?’

There was actually a lot more to this dream, but I could only remember what I wrote. X( I was also involved as one of the more semi-main characters, and the main, central character was actually Natalie herself.