1. Use a strong password (16+ characters, combination of letters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase and special characters).
  2. Get a password manager like Lastpass, Dashlane, 1Password or Keepass, so you don’t have to memorize 100 passwords.
  3. Use 2 factor authentication. Most places offer SMS 2FA (where they sent a number code to your mobile number), but using Google Authenticator/Authy is more secure, because phone numbers are hijacked more easily.

These won’t keep your account from being hacked*, but it can make it harder for bad guys to break in.

*Your account can still be broken into if there’s a security exploit, or the software/online service does something stupid like store passwords in plain text. But even if the online service stores people’s passwords correctly, it’s still a good idea to change your password. Better safe than sorry. (Choosing a new password is easier if you have a password manager.)

(Also I’d like to note that people throw the word “hacking” around too lightly. If someone’s account was broken into because they have a weaksauce password, it wasn’t really hacking. Their account just had a weak password. 😐)