[No major spoilers for Warframe, Dreamfall or Dreamfall Chapters]

Just finished The War Within in Warframe. The entire game is mostly sci-fi with fantasyish elements, but TWW went into full-on Dreamfall mode. The mountain pass segment in particular–not just the snowy segments1, but there was also the “battle in the center of your mind” bit, with the Golden Maw, that was a lot like the scenes in DFC that took place in Storytime and other planes of existence. It made me nostalgic for The Longest Journey series. 🥺

1: referring to one of Dreamfall’s ending scenes with the Black House

Btw, if you’re interested in playing Dreamfall or DFC, definitely start with The Longest Journey. Reviewers say you don’t need to play it in order to under either of the Dreamfall games. But because TLJ is the first game in the series, both Dreamfall and DFC make a lot of references to TLJ and basically picks up where it left off. Also the very last scene of DFC will have more meaning.

I saw a Youtube video with said-last scene. The ones who didn’t play TLJ were mostly annoyed and didn’t understand it all. While the ones that did play were all feelsy, because it officially answered a long standing question everyone had when they played TLJ.