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I’m probably being overly dramatic, but I finally saw Rise of Skywalker. 🥺 I’ve heard a lot of people were disappointed, that it didn’t answer all the questions or it created more questions. But you know, I kinda don’t care! I think it was a great end to the “main” Star Wars movies.

It scored a lot of nostalgia points for me. In particular seeing returning characters we haven’t seen for a while aaand had a few callbacks from the prequels1. (And Rebels and Clone Wars but I didn’t watch Rebels till after, still finishing Clone Wars after a giant hiatus.) Which was 🥺 complete nostalgia fuel for me.

If you’re uber into Star Wars2, you might enjoy it just because of those reasons.

  1. Being one of few, probably about…20? people on the planet who actually liked the prequels.
  2. As in, Wookieepedia is your Bible, you know the backstories or at least the names of even the background characters who are seen for 10 seconds, etc