I had another dream where I showed up for Commencement sans cap and gown. But before that, our school got some new add-ons to their buildings; the most noticeable being the “arch” (a…bridge) that connected the Art Complex to another building (our school does have a bridge, but it leads from the new library to the Town Center). Today was also the day that my group and I were supposed to give a presentation in our interdisciplinary art class (which is supposed to happen in real life as well…). We met up together on the loading dock of one of the buildings, so we could all go to class together.

Some people were setting up for Commencement nearby. They had rows of long dining tables set out, with color-alternating place mats and utensils. We decided to head over to see how things were going. And we decided to sit at the tables. Once we were all seated, we found out that our art class would be giving presentations here, which was…convenient. At the front was a model building of the Art Complex with the “arch” (bridge) attached. A lady, who was in charge of the ceremony explained that the Art Complex getting its new “arch” had been all over the news. She also explained that arches weren’t a new thing, and that buildings had arches for year. There was also another model building, which resembled the office building of my old elementary school. There was a sign above the door that read “Cal Poly“, and I thought ‘:O I was there!‘ The lady noticed my reaction, and asked if I’ve been there. I nodded eagerly (and for some reason, thought of Mocha). And I thought ‘It’s also much larger than that…it’s more like a small city…’ (which was my initial reaction as we were going through the streets. My own college has some streets intersecting it, but they’re really small and two cars heading in opposite directions on the same street have to be very careful when driving by each other).

And that was the end.