You know when you’re dreaming, you sometimes notice you could do anything you want (i.e. fly). I had one of those this morning, which came in handy for me, since it was also one of those fugitive dreams. Except this time, some jerk over in Dreamworld decided that since I get amazing superhuman powers, the other inhabitants in my dream (i.e. people I was trying to get away from) should also get said amazing, superhuman powers. So while running from them, I decided to fly up to a telephone pole I saw nearby, thinking I would be safe there. But when I kind of “thought” my way up, I saw that one of the other folks after me could do the same.

So I decided to fly off from there, with the others on my tail. But I didn’t like the fact that they could do whatever I could do, because this is MY dream! I’M the only one who’s supposed to have amazing superhuman powers! So I managed to disable their powers by thinking ‘And Youtube decided it no longer wanted to play’ (their powers are powered by Youtube* :)). With that obstacle out of the way, I pressed on, and when I flew up, I discovered that there were several different layers to this world, and because I could fly, I could reach all of them. They all looked pretty much the same (green grass growing with some colorful tents set out).

*I think mine were powered by Google, which owns Youtube. Maybe that’s why I had such an easy time disabling their powers. 😛

Except there were some other people also had amazing superhuman powers (which had nothing to do with Youtube), so they were easily able reach the other layers as well. I switched from going through layers to looking for a hiding place on a series of floating islands (which looked pretty much like the layers—I was looking for a group of rainbow-themed tents, since I knew my school would be on that island). When I didn’t find anything, I decided to fly up out of the atmosphere and turn into a space rock.

I reached one city (that looked a bit like Downtown LA, where night had fallen and hovered around this one particular building. It looked like a hotel suite/apartment for this one guy, who I’m sure was somehow connected to the previous people chasing me. I didn’t want to get caught by him, so I flew away to hide somewhere else. But it couldn’t just anywhere, because what if this entire city is in on it?? I thought about stopping on one of the buildings, but wait, no, that building has a glass ceiling, so they might see me!

Eventually, I got tired of all this (probably because of the fact that I knew I couldn’t win) and decided to wake up. 😛

On another note, I’m pretty sure that city appeared in another one of my dreams. It was at night also, and I started out the dream at some kind of landing pad for a helicopter out in a rural area with a few villages. I become bored of my surroundings, and ventured out, ending up at the above mentioned city (through some kind of wormhole, even though the city was in the same world and can be reached without the wormhole). The city, as cool as it was, made me feel uncomfortable (I had this dream about a year or two ago, so I don’t remember the details). I decided to return to the rural area. When I got there, I flew around, trying to remember where the landing pad was (thanks to my impeccable directional skills). <3 crossover dreams.