Bwahahaha, I just remembered I had a dream where there were multiple Mayas.

(For those who don’t know: Maya.) Each one was different.

Some still had their tags intact (that little cloth-like tag that has info like the manufacture, laundering info, etc? Yup, I cut Maya’s tag when I was very little, so there’s only a white line on her bum. ^^;).

Some had white lines on the backs of their heads from where other tags were cut off.

Some were posed a little differently (ex. they were standing, instead of sitting).

They all roughly had the same amount of wear and…baldness. My job was to find the original Maya (i.e. MY Maya).

(The ones with the tags intact, I tried to see if I could find the store names, since I wanted to know where Maya came from. :3)

(Ha, this reminds me. I also had another dream where I discovered the origin of another bear Maya was based off of. This bear was named Amateur. He dressed like a steampunk pilot with a leather jacket with goggles.)