A few days ago, L was having trouble with her algebra homework. She asked our mom for help, but the problem was so hard that not even our mom (math/business major and was really good at it) couldn’t figure it out, mainly because kids in her generation weren’t taught this kind of math.

She asked me, but since I haven’t been in a math class in a couple years (ToT now I’m starting to feel old), I didn’t know (even though I tried solving it in my sketchbook). Worm88 explained eventually, but I wasn’t there to hear what he was saying.

Just last night, I ended up dreaming that Kindaichi (from The Kindaichi Case Files) was given an extremely complicated equation to solve, which would lead to the identity of the murderer in a case he was involved in.

Uhh…I was pretty sure he figured it out, but I woke up before I saw him solve it. But the instance I woke up, the answer came to me…

And if you plug 0 in as y, you get 11*0 = 13*0 which be 0 = 0.

Now the question is, where were these dreams when I still in school? D: