And the college graduation dreams continue. :O

Only this one was a bit more stressful than the rest. XD The entire dream was about me trying to find my cap and gown, since Commencement was supposed to start in about an hour. Apparently, the students have lockers in a warehouse in this dream, so I went over to see if I could find my stuff in my locker. Nothing there. Then L’s friend’s mom said I might be able to find it at her house (which was also combined with some kind of wild animal exhibit and a food storage/warehouse area for a grocery store).

There was nothing unusual about the storage area (other than it was part of someone’s residence), but the wild animal exhibit…ehehehe…

It had hyenas. And other animals, like parrots. There was also a path that led to the storage area, going right through the exhibit (which was a shortcut from the kitchen). You could also buy meat like frozen spare ribs from the butcher there (either to give to the hyenas or to take home for dinner…). Just to increase the nightmarish aspect a bit, there were also animal parts from herbivores who were unlucky enough to get too close to the hyenas. There weren’t just body parts. There were chunks of body parts (ex. a part of a parrot head). X_x I only went in there to see if I could find my stuff there. Whenever I was in there, I always bought meat and ended up having to give them to the hyenas so they wouldn’t come after ME. O_O

Pretty much the only reason why I was so bent on finding my grad gear was so I could actually walk in the ceremony and if I couldn’t do that, I wouldn’t be able to graduate. Then I would have to wait a whole ‘nother year until I could finish school. :O (Even IRL, I would still be able to get my diploma, even if I wasn’t present at the ceremony ^^;)