I created another character in Champions Online, since my main one is trapped in a nightmare cave with Mr. Giantpaper’s character, fighting nightmare demons (and at the point we are at now, entering an actual nightmare).

I had another character, an ice/snow fairy, buuut flying I found out always seems really slow to me, although I like the wing flapping animations (if you put wings on your character). I deleted the fairy, since F2P players can have up to two slots (before paying for additional ones) and created an archer. I had Hawkeye in mind, but decided to make the new one more like an ordinary civilian with superpowers (super acrobatic skills and Improbable Aiming Skills), since my main character is a super psychic ninja-type.

And the character customizer…is detailed in some areas, as in you can modify the height, facial features, chest width/depth, etc. And other areas, not so detailed.

If you don’t want your female character to have skinny toothpick legs, you can give her huge (and maybe even muscular) calves and thighs! There doesn’t seem to be an option to adjust skeletal structure.

The Secret WorldI like the bit about the no-levels. Most MMOs I’ve played uses levels, so when you first start out, you’re weak, even if you’re a good player, and won’t be able to survive certain missions or can’t use certain items, because your stats aren’t high enough. So I have been thinking about what I would look for a fun, non-level grinding MMO…What I like about TF2 (which is not an MMO, btw, just a multiplayer game) is that how good you do is entirely based on how good of a player you are (and what weapon you use, which is not limited by your stats/level, cause there are none!).

Not sure how having no limitations in an MMO would work…maybe have some lower level items toward the beginning of the game (after new players exit the intro/tutorial thing) and as you progress toward the end or where are all the stronger enemies are, have stronger weapons available, with people being able to use them immediately after equipping them (no level grinding for their level to catch up).

Or maybe even doing away with the progression from weaker to stronger weapons and have them all be equally as good (as far as its’ stats are concerned), but each will have it’s pros and cons, so whether they are “good” or not will depend on the person’s play style (like in TF2!). Or maybe even, have “better” weapons cost more. *shrugs* But I like that newer MMOs are trying to move away from being WoW clones. The Secret World sort of did it (did away with levels and classes). Guild Wars 2 says it will do it and The Old Republic tried to do it (not sure how that turned out actually, I only hear about people complaining how weird the story is or how it feels like a single player game with an MMO label).

But anyway, the main thing I like in MMOs is the character customization. Yup. Don’t really care about being in a world with hundreds of people you don’t know or being forced to team up with strangers because soloing missions will only get you killed. I just like controlling my own personalized avatar in a virtual world, slaying/shooting things. Saints Row the Third (also not an MMO, but only a co-op game) would be perfect for me if less driving was required.

But ummm…TSW! As interested as I am, the initial $50 cost along with the monthly fee of $15 is a bit too much for me. I shall settle for one of Funcom’s older games, The Longest Journey instead!