(The dust and hairs ended up on the blankets after I opened the thing up. :o)

See? Look at those wittle fans! Aren’t they so cuuuute? They aren’t muffin fans. Oh no. These are cupcake fans. 😀 Entire enclosure is 15.4in, so these fans must be about…3in each? I could kinda understand needing to find a balance between fan size and motherboard size, but if you’re going to have fans that tiny, at least have them run a little faster than they are now. I guess Apple didn’t want people to be put off by loud cooling fans, and yet…they don’t mind when their DVD drives/HDs starts to sound like a chainsaw… (great job, Apple).

So…I uhhh…remember when Mr. Giantpaper got me a new HD for my MBP and replaced it himself? I thought switching out the HD would fix the growling noise, but it didn’t! ;o;

So today I took out the DVD drive (big rectangle silver thing on the right) and turned it on. The growling noise came back on boot up, but went away after a few seconds. This has happened before I removed the DVD drive, so I assume that didn’t work either! ;o;

Then while the growling was going on, I started looking for the actual source of the noise (don’t know why I didn’t do this before), and found that it seems to be coming from the right cooling fan (the one above the DVD drive slot).

Well now, I don’t know if I should put the DVD drive back in. Maybe I shall put it back in some other day (since it doesn’t really work anymore, it would make no difference), since I have no room to put an orphaned DVD drive (no box or anything).

Opening up the computer, taking care not to break anything and having to remove and keep track of the tiny, different sized screws wasn’t that scary for me (I think it was a tip I read on Lifehacker, but I can’t find it…but it was to store each set of screws in a different slot in an egg carton).

And I gave the computer a much needed cleaning out, so now it idles at 40-49°C instead of 50-59.

(And if Mr. Giantpaper sees this post….*hides*)