Every time I read or hear the phrase “once in a blue moon”, I’m reminded of my dream (it was a pretty cool dream too :D). Will telling it make it stop? Dunno. But here it goes. o.o

I was in my mom and dad’s room upstairs one evening when my dad read on a site about a rare space phenomenon taking place. I looked out the window into the sky and immediately saw what it was.

Something had made the sky so incredibly clear that you could not only see the moon up close, but Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. And other galaxies in the background. And the cosmos in general (which looked more purple than black).

I stared at it for a really long time, soaking up this magnificent, epic moment. Then I saw the earth up close in detail (I think it was somehow being reflected off of the moon). It was so close I could see the mountains! I could see South Africa labeled! 8D It looked more like those old maps from the 1400s or 1500s. It was so close it looked like one of those huge maps social studies teachers have hanging in their classrooms in front of the chalkboard.

Then I woke up. :C