Okokok. This is a little late, but I only found out about it a few days ago. Luckily, despite their recent(ish) Facebook-level of noisyness:

  • They actually let you go by an alias. (Facebook tends to get in your face if you try to sign up with a name they think is fake. “But what if my name is Tweedledee?”)
  • Modern browsers have a setting called Do Not Track. When you check it, it tells sites to not track you (instead of actually trying to block tracking cookies or anything). It’s up to the sites to honor that request. Supposedly Twitter honors that request. Supposedly.

In addition to Adblock (which lets you block tracking cookies), in Opera, you can go to Settings > Preferences > Content. You can either set up a profile for Twitter under Manage Site Preferences to have it block cookies (if you will never use it, but visit it occasionally), and have it not send referral info. ORRR under Block Sites, you can just block it entirely if you don’t ever plan on visiting it. Ever.

Disclaimer: I actually have a Twitter account. But I almost never use it, since the 140 character limit is kinda useless to me. ><;; Heck, I would prefer not to have any character limit, which is why I’m wondering if there will be an option to have longer posts in App.net.