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Bullying Attack Leaves Boy in Coma

For giving a boy a fractured nose, multiple seizures and a coma, the bully was suspended with no charges pressed.

I was reading online about someone’s daughter who was being bullied at her high school. The bully gave her a black eye while beating her up in front of a crowd of classmates, and the other kids tormented her and her sister via SMS. The bully was expelled from the school, sent to juvenile hall and was fined $2000.

(As I told Mr. Giantpaper, I wish I had mentioned the names of my bullies in junior high. I didn’t, even though I was asked by teachers, the vice principal and my mom several times, since I was afraid that whatever punishment the bullies would’ve gotten, they didn’t deserve. I read about someone else’s daughter on online that had the same problem, and it seems like it’s a self-esteem problem.)

(Also. I love it when people say “don’t just let it happen to you. Fight back. Take self defense classes.” Ehehe…at my junior high, I think we would’ve gotten detention at the very least for fighting back. We were told to just ignore them. And toward the end of 8th grade, I started to do just that. The bullies realized their bullying powers on me were weakening and they just gave up.)

(Reading about what these kids have to go through makes me realize the bullies at my junior high were more like annoying flies.)