This. Map. Is. False.

Funkymonk decided we should make Portal 2 maps with the not-so-newly released Perpetual Testing Initiative (the map-making tool). This was mine.

This is Aperture

:O Only thing that bothered me about the video is…Wheatley never calls GLaDOS by name. Heck, none of the AI really call each other by name (except for maybe the Fact core when referring to the Space core and Adventure core). Wheatley mainly calls GLaDOS “she” or “her” and GLaDOS calls Wheatley “he”, “him” or

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Portal 2 - Squirrel

Now this squirrel is thinking with portals

Look up portal 2 on Amazon. Click on any of the items listed and scroll down to “Looking for “portal 2″ Products?” Yus. In other news, I am weirded out that The Old Republic will be F2P (free to play) when I decided I wasn’t interested in it, because of the monthly subscription fee and

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