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      • Checking the 404 logs be like…

      • As a follow-up to this update, I got Mapbox setup on the frontend only. Setting it up on the admin dashboard is…a little more complicated. I might have to wait till the plugin devs add Mapbox as a provider or show us how to set it up ourselves. I see that there’s a feature request on ACF’s message board made earlier this year, so hopefully, maybe we’ll get something like this sooner than later.

        (I know about the add-on by WPBees, but want to try free alternatives first.)

        In the meantime, I won’t be able to use maps for photo posts for now.

      • FYI, Google Maps is no longer being used on giantpaper.

        In order to continue using their Cloud Platform, I need to add billing info to my account. Which wouldn’t be so bad, since the pricing seems really fair, but they want a government ID to verify my info. ???? So right now, the maps on the photoblog are currently non-existent, at least until I switch to an alternative (I did find a possible contender that I need to look further into.)

      • Btw, there is a bug where page 2 of #music will just 404. Working on that now.

        This is now fixed.