I’m a nerdy, tech person who thinks the advent of mobile devices of a great thing. Personally, I think just taking out your phone or tablet to take notes or add something to your calendar is much more convenient than turning on your computer (since unlike a computer, you can take your phone anywhere. Even with a laptop, you can’t just whip it out at the store when you think of something). Here are some stuff I’ve used to help keep things in order.

(And no, I’m not getting any sort of compensation for mentioning these. I just like them!)

Apps/Online Services I Like

  • Cruelty Cutter app – I’m on a cruelty-free mission to use only products not tested on animals. This app helps with that (there’s also the Leaping Bunny app, but it only includes companies that are cruelty-free and that are in the LP program. So if a product’s not listed, you have no idea if it’s CF or if it’s just not in the LP program)
  • BookBub – Thanks to this site, my Kindle library now looks like my Steam library (a lot of games in my backlog but I keep buying more). Some of the deals are ridiculous. $1.99 for an entire trilogy that has pretty good reviews? Oh yes.

    Web Dev Things I Like

    • Roots Sage & Bedrock – I don’t have this on my giantpaper.org server (Bedrock is possible to setup on a shared hosting account through Capistrano apparently but too much of a pain in the ass to setup). I just use Bedrock on my local server. And I stick with Sage 8.5.3 since I can’t seem to use the latest version without raging a little.
    • Gulp.js

    Sites I Like

    • r/shitduolingosays – If you ever wanted to know what hilarious sentences you can get in the Duolingo app, this is the subreddit you need to be at.