Erp, way to go, aquarium dumpers

Seriously, if the pet you released into the wild isn’t going to be dinner for the local wildlife, it will upset the ecosystem (and by that, I mean eat the prey that was meant for other predators, slowly wiping them out, etc). (Heck, there’s a lot of controversy over letting domestic cats run free range … Continued


I kinda did think the Yahoo homepage was a mess, but I don’t know if it looks any nicer (looks kinda Microsoftified, in terms of the solid, gradientless, borderless bar above the news feed). I like how I can freaking finally customize the news feed to my liking (as in, removing all the articles I … Continued

A dream

I had a dream about a Samsung Galaxy Nexus media player that spewed fire whenever I was about to go near some stuff belonging to a ghost girl. The problem is…her stuff was actually my stuff, which I wanted back. (I was able to get my stuff back when I got her to join my … Continued

Rise and shine, Valentine

Coming to you LIVE from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, it’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rapture’s number one radio dating programme: Would You Kindly! Free from the tyrannical oppression of government broadcasting standards and hosted by the founder of Rapture, Andrew Ryan, Would You Kindly challenges one contestant to choose from three … Continued

Introversion isn’t a flaw

I forget that a lot of people see introversion as a bad thing. 😮 I read on GPC One-Third of adults are introverts in a world where extroverted qualities are praised. People that need to recharge after social events are thought of as boring. Shy people (who do not make up all introverts) are labeled … Continued