Dream: Back to school!

I had one of these dreams, where my old college was combined with my old middle school and the local high school. (I seem to have a lot of these…) And since I didn’t actually have to switch schools when migrating to college (either I went to high school here or I skipped it entirely … Continued

Another shower dream

In this one, I had a doctor appointment. The doctor was a pretty female doctor, who for some reason, thought I was a guy and kept flirting with me. O.o (Which also weirded me out, because while I know there are people whose genders tend to be ambiguous, I thought it was pretty obvious I … Continued


I think it would be cool to install Mac OS X on a ThinkPad*, so you could have a mobile Hackintosh! This, combined with the prospect of Hackintoshes and Linux going mainstream (not that it’s ever been announced yet, that I know of…), will force people to disassociate the operating system from the hardware. *Why … Continued