Dream: No Worries Here

Some time last week, everyone on our street got a notice, telling us to not drive or park on our street on Tuesday (today) between 7am – 5pm, since some workers would be coming to slurry the street. Which means unless if you park your car elsewhere, you’re trapped at home until then (unless if … Continued

Dream: Stress on Many Levels

I had another dream where I showed up for Commencement sans cap and gown. But before that, our school got some new add-ons to their buildings; the most noticeable being the “arch” (a…bridge) that connected the Art Complex to another building (our school does have a bridge, but it leads from the new library to … Continued

Dream: Disney Channel Islands

Time for another dream where school is combined with Disneyland. In the real life Channel Islands, people can get around the campus by either walking, ECVs or those miniature bus-looking vehicles. In Disney Channel Islands, people can either get around by walking OR by roller coaster (should’ve been the monorail, I tell you!). 8D; And … Continued