Dream: Disney Channel Islands

Time for another dream where school is combined with Disneyland. In the real life Channel Islands, people can get around the campus by either walking, ECVs or those miniature bus-looking vehicles. In Disney Channel Islands, people can either get around by walking OR by roller coaster (should’ve been the monorail, I tell you!). 8D;

And there was a moment where Jeidai was with me, and I needed to go to my Art & Mass Media class. So we boarded an orange roller coaster with fiery-looking decals and took off. :3

In other school dream news, it was time for Commencement. :O Apparently, I must be carrying a lot more Commencement stress than I thought, because:

  • I forgot to bathe. I really didn’t need to actually, but since this is Commencement (a.k.a. THE actual college graduation ceremony), my mom thought it would be a good idea that I be clean. And because CSUCI doesn’t have any public bath houses like in anime (not like I would use one :3), she suggested I take one in one of the abandoned buildings. Ehe, no thanks.
  • I forgot my cap and gown. I noticed this after I got out of having to take a bath at school. When I told my mom this, it was too late. Commencement was going to start in about five minutes, and my mom told me to just go ahead anyway. I freaked out, saying “They’ll kick me out if I don’t show up in one!”