This was the first “scary dream” I can remember. (I found out I don’t use the term “nightmare” that much, I noticed.)

Note: I had this dream written out as a novel-type entry, like an actual story. And since I liked how it was written, I kept it in that format. ^_^ So, just to let you know.

The day started out fairly normal. Mom said that she was going to Costco, so it was just W88 and I at home. (No clue where SM00 was.) When evening rolled around, people we never knew were coming over and threw a party. Both W88 and I knew we’d get in trouble if our mom came home and saw this, but we didn’t know how to get them to leave.

Night fell, and I heard that we were out of paper plates, so W88 and I went to the closet to get some more. But as we went in, the air suddenly got colder, and we could hear wind rustling. Panicked, I looked around, and realized that we had somehow teleported outside on the front porch. I tried to open the door, but it was locked. I wanted to get inside quickly, since the night was starting to give me the creeps. A cold wind passed by. A very large, full moon was out; its light almost seemingly chasing away the dark, giving the night a ghostly feel. We couldn’t ring the doorbell; what are the chances someone would hear us?

A strange, chilling feeling ran down my spine, and I turned around to see a girl with short black hair, deathly pale skin and black, empty eye sockets. She wore a stereotypical Japanese schoolgirl’s uniform, like from Sailormoon (Mugen Academy–Haruka and Michiru’s school), only completely black all over. And she was floating toward W88 and me. The wind rushed by, rustling her clothes. Her barefeet touched the ground, and she started toward us on the porch. I didn’t know what to do, and W88 was too petrified to move.

When she reached me, her hand reached out, and gripped the left side of my waist, trying to dig her fingers into my skin, but couldn’t even break skin.

Then I woke up.

Immediately after waking up, I could still feel her nails digging into my skin, even though I was awake. O_o